Medical Referrals

Collaboration is the best path to patient success.

Some patients are concerned that acupuncture may conflict with their other treatments. Rest assured that we are happy to work alongside any other healthcare professionals, including primary care providers, medical specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, psychotherapists and massage therapists. We especially enjoy hearing reports from other practitioners that they can see measurable positive changes as a result of your work at Guiding Spirit.

At Guiding Spirit Acupuncture, patient safety and success is always our highest priority, and so communicating and collaborating with their other providers can be a natural part of our work together. To foster this collaborative team environment, we refer to other practitioners when needed and welcome referrals as well. With Guiding Spirit on your healthcare team, you and your practitioner can always be confident that these collaborations will be treated with the highest degree of sensitivity and respect.