Herbal Medicine

Natural Support for Whole-Body Healing

Herbal medicine is for anybody who wants a natural way to support their body between acupuncture sessions. Herbs support the healthy structure and function of body systems, like the digestive system, hormones, and lungs. Chinese herbal medicine is ideal for people with chronic health issues or ongoing exposure to stress.

Chronic health issues?

Ongoing exposure to stress?

Searching for a natural solution?

Chinese Medicine’s Best-Kept Secret

Chinese herbal medicine is the best-kept secret in all of Chinese medicine! Brilliant doctors have been treating millions of people with every condition you can imagine for over two thousand years in an unbroken literary medical tradition that is truly one of the wonders of human culture.

In modern practice here in the United States, this means that Susan has access to a rich and tried-andtrue library of medicinals that are quite effective in addressing the typical and not-so-typical complaints of her herbal medicine patients.

Herbal Medicine Options at Guiding Spirit

Some people worry about the quality of herbal medicines. At Guiding Spirit Acupuncture, we’ve done the professional research for you. We only recommend herbs from the highest-quality manufacturers. Herbs can be easy to take, in a variety of forms:

Raw Herbs for Cooking

Herbs can be part of your everyday life. Susan will educate you on how to use herbal medicine in teas or cooking.

Custom powdered formulas

The process of recommending an herbal formula is extremely detailed. Susan will consider all aspects of your health to develop a formula that is specific to you.

Tinctures, pills, or capsules

Herbs can be surprisingly easy to take every day! There are even tinctures (liquid preparations) that are designed especially for children to take.

Frequently Asked Questions about Aroma Point Therapy and Essential Oils

Should I be concerned about the safety of Chinese herbs?

Patients sometimes worry about the quality of herbal medicines. At Guiding Spirit Acupuncture, we’ve done the professional research for you, and we only recommend herbs from the highest-quality manufacturers. We use a variety of extremely reputable suppliers, including an online pharmacy called Crane Herbs, which sells products from the most well-respected Taiwanese herbal company, KPC, and which can create and ship custom or premixed formulas right to your door. Rest assured that the products we recommend meet the highest quality standards.

Some herbs can interact with certain medications or are contraindicated under certain situations (like pregnancy). Susan will take a detailed health history to uncover potential areas of concern.

What is an herbal consult like?

An herbal consult is a separate visit than a typical acupuncture appointment because it takes time and attention to understand your unique health concerns and patterns and to design, write, and prescribe a custom herbal formula for you. Susan will listen to your health story, ask you a series of questions, and to do a brief exam. She will then choose a combination of herbs to address your unique needs. The process of choosing a Chinese herbal formula is very different than the process of being prescribed a drug or medication because it is designed to be specific to you and to address you as an overall person— including physical, mental, and emotional concerns.

Once Susan has prescribed a specific herbal formula for you, you will get an email from the online pharmacy to make your purchase. This is a convenient way to be certain you are purchasing the highest quality Chinese herbs.

What can I expect over time?

After your initial herbal consult, a typical course of treatment is about three months, although this can vary considerably based on the patient and conditions being treated. During that time, you and Susan will check in periodically, and Susan will evaluate whether or not she needs to make any changes to your formula as you go, based on your responses. For your convenience, some of your follow-up herbal consults can be done over the phone.

What does herbal medicine cost?

Herbal medicines and herbal consults are not covered by insurance. Many of our patients say that Chinese herbal medicine is worth every penny because it allows them to achieve a higher level of health naturally. The cost of an initial herbal consult is $125, and follow-up consults are $65. The cost of herbal medicine ranges from about $30 to over $200 per month, depending on many factors. Susan is happy to answer any questions about costs that you may have.

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